Monday, December 31, 2018

Marty Is Taking Off

After 15 years of service with the Transportation Security Administration at Mitchell Airport,  my brother-in-law, Marty is retiring.

I am not sure what Marty has planned as he leaves the world of work behind.

Perhaps he will be snowmobiling at his home in the north woods of Wisconsin  .  .  .

or riding the waves at his condo in North Carolina while his wife, Carol, looks for shells on the beach. . .

or maybe he will pull the Harley out of the garage.

Whatever he decides, I hope he makes a bucket list soon, because Carol definitely has a "honey do" list waiting for him.

Congratulations, to Marty as he journeys into retirement. I hope he always remembers that "it's not the destination, it's the ride."

Airplane with contrails-Bake at 350
Nose view of the airplane-SemiSweetDesigns and Whatta Smart Cookie

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Holiday Season

Holiday baking began with traditional designs in simple gold and white.

Next up, 65 Nutcrackers that were a far more complicated design.

This was my first time decorating this iconic character and the cookies looked quite festive when they were bagged and tagged for party favors.

As is always the case, time became an issue for preparing for the holiday, so I opted to stick with simple designs in a pastel palette for our family gathering.

Of course, the little ones have to have a "puzzle" cookie to celebrate the season.  I have to say I consider this cookie an epic fail.  I just couldn't get the ears right on this design, and it looks like a cat with antlers. Oh well, no time for "do overs" this year, so the kids can get a good laugh while they eat their cookies.

Finally, I have another new angel in heaven this year.  For my friend, Jim, forever in my heart and in the stars.

"It is Christmas Eve.  In just a few hours, the clock will strike midnight-- a time of magic, and of dreams."    The Nutcracker

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Let's Give Thanks


Baking for Thanksgiving started with a collection for my friend, Jim, to share with the caring nurses that he sees at the Infusion Center on a weekly basis.  I chose simple designs and traditional fall colors for this collection.

Our family gathering includes a large crowd, so this year I opted to make multiple cookie platters for our celebration.

Since the Chicago Bears are playing on Thanksgiving Day this year,  football cookies and a navy blue and orange turkey needed to be part of the treats.

It has become tradition for the younger generation in the family to receive a special cookie and they challenge me to find a new turkey design every year.  This year, I opted for a turkey made from a Halloween skull cutter.  Of course, Leann's version had to be in puzzle form. 

A holiday wouldn't be the same without the itty- bitty, bite size cookies.  I love making them and who can resist just one,  little bite?

Cookies always look better when they are dressed up for the party with cute little toppers.

Finally, some special cookies to celebrate some special school achievements for great nieces, Mary Grace and Leann.

 Mary Grace, was one of six students in her 8th grade class selected to make a trip to observe a Federal Court session and interview the judges.  In addition, Leann received a report card with straight As, which was a nice reward for her year of hard work and intense tutoring to improve her reading skills.

I practiced a few techniques that I don't use very often and they cookies are not my best work, but pretty packaging always makes the cookies look better.

Although turkeys are the center of attention on Thanksgiving Day, it looks like the Eagle might be a good luck charm for Mary Grade and Leann.

Lisa, the Bearfoot Baker, originated the turkey made from an acorn cutter.
Football turkey was found on Pinterest
Skull Turkey and Acorn Turkey Platter were inspired by Jill FCS 

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Early Days of Cookie Decorating

When I started a blog in 2012 it was all about the cookies-the decorating, the techniques, the tools. However, over the years it has evolved into a record of special family events

Unfortunately, I did not always take pictures of my cookies, so this will always be an "incomplete" record.  Nevertheless, I decided to update the blog to include some pictures that I found from my early days of this cookie adventure.

In 2009, Kaley, the oldest of my "great" nieces/nephews, was the first to receive cookies for a Graduation celebration.  Looking back, they are quite a mess, but at the time I was proud of them.

A year later, Kaley's cousin, Chiann, graduated and some improvement can be seen in my decorating skills.  At least I added the point on the mortarboard!

As graduations followed, I added different designs and my decorating skills improved.

Diplomas with heart shaped ribbons and the book cookie have been part of every grade school graduation set since 2011.

Over the years, cookies have been part of major life events. 
School celebrations-- There have been so many with this large family, I am sure I missed many achievements, but I tried to acknowledge them whenever possible.

 Birthdays. . .

Special cookies at holidays. . .

a baby shower when Elliot arrived early .  .  .

and a serious illness from start to finish.

I hope the kids in the family have enjoyed receiving their special cookies as much as I enjoy making them.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Veterans Day 2018

Lady Liberty will be part of the Elk Grove High School fifth annual salute to Veterans.  Sixty-five cookies are bagged, tagged and ready to be delivered to our Veterans.

Here's a look at cookies from prior celebrations:

Thank you to all who have served.


Tuesday, October 30, 2018


Halloween is one of my favorite cookie seasons.

An annual favorite, Frank, met some new friends this year.

 Same cookie cutter, different designs.

 And of course, some itty bitty, bite size treats.


 Sweet Sugarbelle  turned her Scarecrow cutter into a Zombie.  Thanks for the inspiration.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Happy Birthday Ninja Elliot

Great-nephew, Elliot, loves participating in sports.  Basketball, baseball and hockey keep him busy during the year, but for his eighth birthday it was a "Ninja Warrior" obstacle celebration.

The goodie bags his Mom prepared included a medal that his friends could wear or eat.

Love, hugs and cookies to my favorite little warrior. 
Elliot is always an award winner in my heart.

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