Monday, February 2, 2015

Maddy is Sweet Sixteen!

A wonderful girl  is celebrating a special birthday.  From first born and first loved. . .to loving big sis, great-niece Maddy, is now SIXTEEN!

Cookies as unique and special as the girl who is celebrating, was my goal for this collection.

Maddy has been a member of her high school golf team for two years.

Every birthday needs cake!  I added the skulls because when Maddy came to visit us at Christmas she was wearing a jacket that had a tiny print that included skulls.  Little brother, Kyle, said, "it's inappropriate," but I thought it was very fashion forward.

February means Valentines, so here  is an assortment to show Maddy how much she is loved.

Maddy has a new job at an orthodontist's office which requires data entry.  A word of CAUTION, if you eat the skulls in this collection, you might need the services of the ortho!!!!

A few characters from, Mario Kart, a favorite game.

For Maddy's artistic side.

Maddy is adventurous and loves to ride on the family's snow mobiles.

Of course, if your birthday is on February 2nd, you have to have Groundhog cookies!

Cookies are even fun to unpack when they arrive in the mail

Love, Hugs and Cookies 
for  a very 
special girl!

Letter Design - LifesABatch
Groundhog - SweetSugarBelle

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Leann is Seven

Penguins, skates. . .
. . . and of course, puzzle cookies were part of LeLe's 7th birthday celebration. 

I keep thinking that she will outgrow her love of puzzles but she recently told me, "Aunt DeeDee, even when I am a grown-up you are going to have to make puzzle cookies for me."

Love, hugs and puzzle cookies for a very special girl!

Every Vote Counts

Three weeks until election day in Chicago and my niece, Heather, is on the campaign trail day and night.   Yesterday, we hosted an open house to meet the candidate and she spent the rest of the day visiting the neighborhood.

In a field of seven candidates, Heather's educational and work experience make her the best person for the job.  Okay, I am a little biased, but one person told her yesterday, "You are over qualified, I wish you were running for mayor."  Look out, Rahm!

I am so proud of this  amazing woman.

Love, hugs, cookies and TWO votes from this household on February 24th!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas cookies this year included some annual favorites and a few new designs.

 Santa trees for friends were inspired by Paddle Attachment.

Santa in the chimney was a large (6x4) design for a local Women's Club Holiday Party.

Each of the children in the family receive a "special" cookie and this year I opted to use one of my favorite Santa cutters for all but two of my great-nieces and nephews.

Grandma Carol asked that I repeat the new driver cookie that I made a few years ago for two of her grandchildren.  I am not sure if Kendal and Logan will be "allowed" to eat the cookie or if Grandma will turn them into ornaments for her tree.

My annual favorites are snow flakes and snowmen.  I am not sure why because I HATE snow! I just love that full bodied snowman, I make him every year.  I also pieced together a circle and a top hat to make a new snowman design.

Finally, my first mustache cookie. . . and a whimsical Santa inspired by Michelle at Make Me Cake Me. While decorating this cookie, the song, "Weebles wobble, but they won't fall down," was  running through my head.  Does anyone else remember that commercial?

Merry Christmas to all!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Ho-Ho, Uh-Oh!

Last year when I saw this cookie cutter on line I decided I had to add it to my collection.  I am not sure why because it is MUCH larger and more expensive than most of my cutters, but it was just so cute!  

I nicknamed him "Santa on Steroids" because at 4 x6, he is the biggest cookie I have ever made.
Bagged and tagged, he made a very festive favor for an annual Women's Club Christmas Party.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Goofy Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving cookies in the past have been traditional turkeys, mini turkeys, flower turkeys, football turkeys.  .  . this year, I opted for a gang of goofy turkeys.  Eight  different designs and not a turkey cutter in sight.

Design inspiration came from SweetSugarBelle  to use an ice cream cone cutter to create a turkey.

I then followed The Bearfoot Baker's directions to use an acorn cookie cutter for another funny turkey design.

Once I made these designs, I decided that "goofy"turkeys would be my theme for the family cookies this year.

For the teen girls, a glam turkey with a tag that said "girls just want to have fun."

Since my niece, Kendall, was recently named as an all-area athlete, I decided to make her a volleyball turkey complete with bling on the feathers and toes.
It is interesting how the same cutter can be used to create different designs.
A pineapple cutter was used for the cookie for the older boys.  The cookies are not exactly how I had  envisioned them, but they will work with a tag that says, "a goofy turkey for a goofy guy."

 For the younger children,  I made turkey puzzles inspired by, MunchkinMunchies.
A Christmas ornament and a small ice cream sundae cutter (see group photo at the top), completed the collection.

Gobble, gobble, gobble!

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Thanksgiving, 2012

My 15 Minutes (or Seconds?) of Fame

Did you ever have one of those moments where you second guess yourself and think, "no, that can't be right?"  That happened to me recently when I opened an email and realized that the cookies pictured in the ad were mine.

My 2011 family Christmas cookie collection was staring back at me as I read the ad.  A compliment of sorts, but disappointing that the company did not ask for permission or cite there source.

A good learning experience as to how easy it is to access and share information that is available in cyberspace.

An interesting experience in this cookie journey of mine. . .