Friday, November 10, 2017

Honoring Our Vets

Celebrating the 4th annual Elk Grove High School salute to Veterans.

This design was created by, Jill, the amazing cookie artist and owner of Funky Cookie Studio.  Read about how she has united cookie artists from all over the world to support the GoBoFoundation:

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Trick or Treat

Although Halloween cookies are some of my favorites I haven't made any since 2014.  Life events kept me busy and do the kids really need cookies when they have a treat bag full of candy?

It was fun to return to my fall favorites and add a few new ones inspired by the amazing cookie decorators who share their designs  online.

Turn the cutter upside down and a vampire becomes a pirate.

The cutter I used to make sunflowers last year became kid friendly monsters.

Halloween offers so many fun designs . . .  spooky, funny, and traditional.


Monster design from
Poison Apple cookie-many variations of this design on Pinterest
Spider in a Jar from Pinterest

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Painted Cookies-KISS

Don't get me wrong, I love decorating cookies, but I don't like the time it takes to mix all the colors and clean up all of the supplies.  In an effort to stick with my philosophy of KISS--keep it simple, (it's just a cookie), I have been experimenting with painting on cookies.  Since I have no training in art, I took baby steps to reach a comfort level with this decorating style.

I started with simple eggs . . .

followed by a little tree. . .

. . . and now flowers. 

Since I have always loved the simplicity of white cookies,  I used up some left over dough, iced them with white frosting, and painted on a hint of color.  KISS and pretty.

Amazing how the same cutters can look so different with a few simple decorating changes.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

A Spinning Celebration

Move over Pet Rocks, Rubik's Cube, Furbies, Beanie Babies, Tamagotchi, Koosh Balls, Slap Bracelets, Squishies, it's time to make room for .  .  .


Great-niece, Mary Grace, sent me a video of fidget spinner cookies with a note that said, "I bet you could make these, but yours would look better."  Challenge accepted.  100% edible and they spin!

Once I made the cookies, I was worried about how to package them for the party and thought that my usual treat bags wouldn't be sturdy enough, therefore, I opted for cupcake boxes filled with shredded paper to cushion the delicate cookies.

Happy Birthday, Mary Grace!
May you never lose your
passion and creativity.

Tasty Fidget Spinners
Haniela's Fidget Spinner Tutorial

Saturday, June 17, 2017

All Sports for Elliot's 7th Birthday

Great-nephew, Elliot, requested "all sports except soccer and volleyball," for cookies to share with his friends at his birthday party.  I was surprised that soccer wasn't included because he enjoys playing the game.  I'd like to think that we have a special connection and he just KNEW that soccer and volleyballs are two of my least favorite cookies to create.  However, I think the decision was probably due to a conversation that went something like this:
Mom: "What cookies would you like for your birthday this year?"
Elliot:  "Sports."
Mom:  "What sport?"
Elliot:  "All of them."
Mom:  "Nooooo way!  That's way too many cookies."

Elliot probably smiled, pondered (he does that), and eventually eliminated two sports.

I decided that the treat bags would have seven cookies for Elliot's seventh birthday.

Mini footballs, basketballs, baseballs, and tennis balls. . .

 Hockey because it is one of Elliot's favorite sports . . .

Bowling in honor of Hall of Famer, Great-Uncle Matt . . .

and golf.

 Since it is Elliot's special day, I even added a few soccer and volleyball cookies as a surprise just for him in a package that he will have at home with his family.

Happy Birthday, Elliot!
On the field or on the ice, 
you are an all-star 
in our hearts!

Sports letters inspired by Cookies With Character

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Wedding Shower Redux

I haven't made cookies for a wedding shower in three years.  Same design, still love the elegance of an all white cookie.

Saturday, June 3, 2017

Ahoy Mates! A Pirate Graduation It Is

Congratulations to my great-niece, Megan, who is graduating from Emmons Elementary, the home of the Raiders.  

Since our family is big on tradition, her cookie collection had to include at least one "look out ______ high school" book cookie and a diploma tied with a heat-shaped ribbon.

The Emmons school mascot, the Raider, is now making his third appearance in cookie collections for Meg's family.  My interpretation of the Raider has evolved from literal and scary.  .  .  to a whimsical treasure hunt .  .  .

to a sweet, smiling pirate for Meg.

In addition, I added cookies to represent her school activities.

Love, hugs, and cookies 
to a very special girl.

Happy Graduation!

Tutorial for the girl graduate can be found on Miss Doughmestic's YouTube channel
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