Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Revisiting an Old Friend-the Grenadier

The first time I made  "Gren" cookies I spent a lot of time planning and worrying about that big black mustache, so it was fun to have an opportunity to make this design again.  Note to self:  if there is a next time, the hat needs to be bigger!

Congratulations to Stephanie, a talented, hard working teacher who recently received the "Outstanding Contributions to Education" Award in her district.

Other Grenadier cookies:
An Unusual Mascot 
August 5, 2013 

Veteran's Day

Elk Grove High School is hosting a "Salute to Veterans" today and they asked me to make cookies for the event.

Happy Veteran's Day 
thank you 
to all who have served!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween, 2014

Halloween would not be complete without,  monsters . . .
 pumpkins. . .

 and a few good witches. 

My favorite Halloween design year after year has been the witch hat, but this year I had fun hand cutting the legs that were inspired by a sun catcher I found in the $1.00 bin at the fabric store.

Happy Halloween and Boo to you!

Special thanks to The Bearfoot Baker for the "little monsters" design.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fall Leaves for a Special Friend

My friend, Kathy, and I had plans to travel to Boston together this fall, unfortunately, we had to cancel the trip due to her cancer diagnosis.  As she bravely meets the challenges of chemotherapy, her caring and generous co-workers organized a fundraiser for her.

I was asked to bring cookies for the dessert table, so I  am hopeful that this fall collection will be a "sweet" replacement for the fall colors of New England.

These cookies are fun and easy to make thanks to SweetSugarBelle's tutorial.

You might also like the pansies that I made for Kathy in August:

Thursday, September 25, 2014

"I Do"

Two wedding showers, same cookie.  .  .  I just love the simplicity of this cookie and apparently my friends do, too.  A simple pearl plus a little lustre dust creates an elegant design that has been  a repeat request when I have friends hosting wedding showers.  Bagged with a pretty bow and lots of ribbon it makes a very elegant party favor.

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Monday, August 25, 2014

Dad is 87 Today

Dad was a little nervous about taking his driver's test this year.  He passed and Mom convinced him it was time to buy a new car. Hope he enjoys his new wheels!

Happy 87th birthday to a wonderful man!

Thanks to:
LilaLoa for the rear view car cookie design. 
Mike of SemiSweetDesigns for the gas pump and front view cookie designs.


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Love, Hugs and Flowers for a Special Friend

Yellow and Purple Pansies with a heart for my sweet friend, Kathy, who has been diagnosed with a serious illness.

I included a card that said:

Though we call them pansies, they are anything but wimpy.  They are the hardiest of flowers, which seems appropriate for the strength you possess.  Pansy is actually derived from “pansee”,
meaning thought and remembrance.

Please know that I am thinking of you, dear friend, and remembering you always in my prayers.  You are an amazing person and a friend who has touched my life in so many ways.

I know you have the courage to face this challenge and I will be with you every step of the way.

Thanks to:
-My "Sugar Sister," Donna, for creating the card to accompany her Pansy collection
-SweetAmbs for her Pansy tutorial