Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Happy Birthday Ninja Elliot

Great-nephew, Elliot, loves participating in sports.  Basketball, baseball and hockey keep him busy during the year, but for his eighth birthday it was a "Ninja Warrior" obstacle celebration.

The goodie bags his Mom prepared included a medal that his friends could wear or eat.

Love, hugs and cookies to my favorite little warrior. 
Elliot is always an award winner in my heart.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Linda and Cliff are Retiring

Congratulations to Linda and Cliff, as they retire from teaching.  Elk Grove High School is losing two of the most creative teachers I have ever known, they were an inspiration to their students and their colleagues.

Relax, reinvent, recreate, renew, rejuvenate, reimagine .  .  . retire.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Celebrating Maddy's Journey

Great-niece, Maddy, is graduating from high school and it is cause for celebration.  She has had a difficult journey and learned at a young age that life is not fair.  Maddy has faced many challenges, nevertheless, she persisted!

Since she took an alternative pathway to graduation, I decided non-traditional colors and designs were appropriate for this special occasion.

Maddy is passionate about art and taught me a great deal about Mehndi a few years ago, so when I saw these sugar sheets, I decided to include them in her collection.  I hope she has fun painting them, but I don't recommend EATING them!  Although they are edible, they seem to have a "plastic" texture to them.  .  .Yuk!

Within a span of a week, Maddy is celebrating the end of the school year, then moving on to a challenging program to help her take the next step in her journey toward adulthood.

The world needs Maddy's gentle spirit, caring heart and creative energy.  I wish her good health and happiness as she continues on her journey.

Love, hugs and cookies
to an 
amazing girl.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

Hoppy Easter

 I opted for a few simple designs for our family gathering this year.

Some plain, some fancy and some silly.

The sitting bunny is a new cutter so I followed the design instructions that were included with the cutter. However, as I was cutting the cookies I thought the shape looked like Bugs Bunny.  Maybe it was because Bugs was always eating carrots and the kids in our family love carrot cookies so they can eat their veggies. 

Perhaps this cutter will reappear next year as a bunny face.

Inspiration for Bunny with carrot ears:  

Saturday, March 3, 2018

A Truck Load of Love

Great-nephew, Kyle, has been looking forward to earning his driver's license on his 16th birthday.  His Mom and Dad have told me that he has studied, practiced, and is prepared for this privilege.  No doubt he will be visiting the DMV on his birthday.
I'm not sure what he will be driving in the future.  Perhaps he will choose a vintage automobile. . .

or a jeep.  .  .

 or is a truck his choice of vehicle?

 Carrying on the family tradition of competing in the demolition derby might be in Kyle's future.


Or maybe he will start a new tradition with a monster truck.

Whatever choice he makes, I hope he will remember his driver's education classes, the rules of the road and the many hours of practice he clocked to become a safe driver.  If not, another car might be in his future.  YIKES!

Whatever way he celebrates this milestone birthday, I want him to know that. . .

Uncle Matt and I are sending a truck load of love 
for his special day.

 Happy 16th Birthday!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Leann's Special Day

Great-niece, Leann, celebrated her birthday at a "jumpin' up" party with friends.  She told her Mom that I could surprise her with the cookies this year, "something that hops" was all the direction that she gave me.

I opted for frogs, hearts, and a topper that said:

While shopping for supplies, I found a cute little stuffed frog that matched the cookie design perfectly.  Shortly after I finished my shopping, Leann decided to exercise her prerogative to change her mind.

She told me that her friends call her, "Little Nugget" (I have no idea why) so she thought maybe I should make nugget cookies.  I said, "what kind of nugget?" and she said, "like a chicken nugget."   Not a strange request considering she had taco cookies for her party last year.  So, the girls had frogs to take home and nuggets and fries to snack on at the party.

A strange cookie combination but a happy ten year old.

Leann, LeLe, Little Nugget. . . 
lots of different names, but the same sweet girl. 

Frog cutter and tutorial from Flour Box Bakery

Monday, December 25, 2017

Lasting Memories

Our Christmas celebration is a large, informal, multi-generation celebration.  Since this year will be the first Christmas without my Mom and Dad (beloved Grandma and Papa O), I knew that I wanted to honor their memory.  As a result the cookie platter this year will be a departure from the traditional Christmas designs.

For the past five years, star cookies have become a significant part of my cookie world as I have shared simple cookies with this message for people who have lost a loved one:

Perhaps they are not stars in the sky
but rather openings in the heavens
where loved ones look down
to let us know they are happy.

I knew that I wanted to include stars in my cookie designs and that thought eventually evolved into a winter scene to reflect the many fun times that our extended family has shared in the north woods. 
 -our childhood family vacations were spent in the north woods of Wisconsin
-our parents chose to retire in the north woods
-my sister, Rita, and her husband built a home right next to Mom and Dad
and earlier this year,
-my sister, Carol, and her husband purchased Mom and Dad's home

Stars to represent the colorful sunsets .  .  .

Simple circles to represent the frozen lake that is perfect for snowmobiling.  .  .

Birch trees with Dad's beloved birds.  .  .

Pretty pine trees. . .

Bill's Tree Farm.  .  .

Rita and Bill's house.  .  .

The cottage that my nephew, Kevin, is renovating.  .  .

Mom and Dad's home, Never Would, because Mom always said she "never would" live there full time.  Now Carol and Marty's home, "Never Would 2."

It looks like family members will be making memories in the north woods for many 
more years.  .  .

 . . .and Mom and Dad would be very happy.

Forever in our hearts and in the stars.

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