Monday, April 17, 2017

Kyle's Time To Shine

Great-nephew, Kyle, recently received the "You Make A Difference" Award at his high school.

Last spring when I made cookies for his 8th grade graduation I used a pirate theme and suggested that  treasures awaited in high school.  Clearly, he is digging into that "treasure chest" of high school academics and activities, getting involved, and doing his best work.

Way to go, Kyle!

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!

Celebrating the season with flowers. . .

Eggs. . .

and a whole lot of bunnies!

Simple bunnies.  .  .

Pretty bunnies.  .  .

Glam bunnies.  .  .

Bunnies two ways.  .  .

Standing bunnies.  .  .

 . . . the end!


Friday, January 27, 2017

Let's Have A Fiesta

Since Great-niece, Leann, wanted a piñata at her 9th birthday party she decided that taco cookies would be a fun treat for her friends.

I added a chili pepper to each taco and added a topper that had an image of one of the piñatas she selected for the party.

Leann's design choices through the years .  .  .

I received the following text from Leann's Mom today:  First thing LeLe said this morning was, 'I can't wait to see my cookies."  Sweet treats = sweet memories.

Love, hugs and cookies to a very special girl.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Keep Calm and Retire

If you can dream it, 
you can do it.    
                                    Walt Disney

My sisters and I were raised in a household that believed in a "can do" spirit.  Much like other "baby boomers," we were raised to believe that we could achieve anything as long as we worked at it.  Thus, as a newly single Mom of three, my sister decided to go to nursing school.  At times, it was a struggle to balance the demands of parenting, a part time job and classes, but Carol never gave up.  It was a proud moment for the entire family when Carol stood on the stage to speak to the audience in her new cap.

In July, 1985, Carol began her career as a psychiatric nurse at the VA hospital in North Chicago, now the Capt. James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center.   After 311/2 years, she is now retiring from her position as the Section Leader of the MICAM (Mental Health Intensive Case Management)  Program.

I am so glad that she has finally decided to follow in her younger sisters footsteps and join Rita and me in retirement. We have been highly recommending it for years!

I am hopeful that she will find that her retirement years will be filled with so much more . . .

More sleep
More music
More beaches
More books
More excitement
More gardening
More travel
More sunsets
More fun
More time to explore new hobbies
More time with her children
More time with her grandchildren
More time with her friends
More adventures


Love, hugs and cookies!  Keep calm and enjoy retirement life.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas, 2016

 The letters to Santa that were prepared last year for the younger generation . . .

made an appearance this year in "Cubbie" blue for the kids. . .

 and as a surprise for one of the biggest Cub fans I know!

The family collection.

Christmas cookies that were sent to friends out of state.

Reindeer for the annual Women's Club Dinner.

Merry Christmas
one and all! 

Great-nephew, Elliot, was a pretty happy guy when he found his special cookie under his tree on Christmas morning.


Saturday, December 24, 2016

A White Christmas Doesn't Have to Mean Snow

Sand and Surf or Ice and Snow .  .  . 
Which White Christmas do you prefer?

In 2012, beach cookies became a trend.  All shapes and sizes, they were everywhere, but I think I originated the "Merry Beachmas" design.  It is my favorite cookie, the most popular entry on my blog, and the inspiration for the cookies that I will share at our family gathering this year.

For the family members who prefer snow, I made traditional winter designs.

Finally, a tribute to our loved ones who are forever in our heats and in the stars . . .

Friday, December 16, 2016

O'er The Fields We Go

Cookies to send to friends in Iowa and Ohio are baked, decorated, packaged, and in the mail.

The Ho-Ho-Ho cutter is new this year.  I have made them before by piecing two cutters together, but this year I purchased a cutter designed by Mike at SemiSweetDesigns.  I was unable to manage the crisp clear lines that Mike had and my elf looks a bit tipsy, but I keep telling myself,  "it's just a cookie."

I had no intention of repeating the cars and trucks that I made last year for my family because it is time consuming to piece together the car and tree from two cutters.  However, when I found this tin and card with the same theme, I thought they would be a fun package to send to friends.

In addition, an internet search helped me find some inspiration for more realistic looking trees.

Finally, I had to purchase the new cutters designed by my favorite cookie mentor, SweetSugarBelle.  That reindeer just makes me smile.

To friends near and far,
love, hugs, cookies,
a very Merry Christmas!

Bakeat350-truck with tree
Haniela's reindeer design
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