Thursday, July 12, 2012

Christmas in July

A Reindeer in July?  WHY?

. . .because he is also a Giraffe!  This will make sense, if you read the entire post.

Several years ago a few pictures of an unusual reindeer started to appear on FLICKR and I decided I really wanted that cookie cutter.  After searching all of my favorite cookie cutter sources and not finding this guy, I searched Google images and discovered the cutter in Australia. Alas, international shipping was not available.   Disappointed but not deterred, I was on a mission to add this cookie cutter to my collection.

I have a niece who travels to Australia periodically on business, so I asked her if she had any contacts in Australia who would be willing to let me order cookie cutters that would be shipped to their home and then ship them to the United States.  It worked and I ordered 2 cutters one for myself and one for my dear friend, Donna (, who shares my passion for cookie decorating.

Shortly after I received this package, I read about Spring Fling in Kentucky.  To my knowledge, this was the first convention of its kind for cookie decorators.  Donna and I thought it would be nice to bring a gift for May and Kay (, the two amazing women who organized this gathering, as well as the wonderful group of instructors who would be teaching us throughout the event.

What gift do you give to cookie decorators?  A cutter?  These women probably have 100s, if not 1,000s of cutters. . .but one from Australia?  Could I possibly figure out a way to order these again?  Once again I relied on my family to help me with my crazy, cookie hobby.  Another niece had a friend who was traveling to Australia to attend a wedding.   She agreed to pick up the cutters, carry them back with her to Seattle and mail them to Chicago.  As a result this cute, little Aussie is now residing in several homes in the USA!

So why is he a Giraffe?  . . .because of the creativity of SweetSugarBelle, of course!  She has the incredible ability to look at a cookie cutter and see something, the rest of us do not see.  Click on this link to see how the cute, little reindeer can be transformed into a giraffe:

Click on the link below to read more about Spring Fling:


  1. You were one determined Cookier on the hunt for this fellow! What a joy to see what Sweet Sugar Belle did with this treasure and have him come to life beyond the Christmas season. The reindeer cutter will always be a cherished gift from a cherished Cookie Friend.

  2. Donna you will always be my first cookie friend, but I'm glad we have evolved into "Sugar Sisters."

  3. From what store in Australia does this cute little guy come from? My husband travels there and I would love to send him on a little errand? :D

    1. SSB's post generated a lot of interest in this cutter, so I did some research and found two stores that had it, but they both say it is no longer available. Perhaps it will be in stock closer to the Christmas season. Good luck in your hunt. Here is a comment that I posted to SSB's comment thread:

      Several people have contacted me wanting to know where I purchased this cookie cutter. It came from a store in Australia and they do not ship internationally. Unfortunately, I checked the website and it says it is no longer available. The neck is long, narrow and breaks easily so perhaps they had complaints. From the photos I think SSB cut part of the neck off for the giraffes.

      There is a similar one in New Zealand but they also do not ship internationally.

  4. I saw a post on the CookiersRUs Forum today that said the reindeer cutter is now available on Etsy. Check here for more info:


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