Sunday, July 22, 2012

Mary Grace's Sweet Shop-Happy 7th Birthday

My great-niece, Mary Grace, and her Mom have planned some amazing birthday parties.

Although they are residents of Chicago, her early parties have had an animal theme.  For her 5th birthday, Mary Grace asked to have the party at her Grandparent's house so she could have turtle races with Grandpa's turtles, however, no animals were injured at the party :)  Plastic wind up turtles were used for the races and Grandpa's real turtles were just available for viewing.

Last year, for her 6th birthday, she wanted a real pig at her party. Her Mom networked with friends  and managed to find a Chicagoan who had a pet pig, Wilbur, who made a guest appearance at the party.

 This year, the colors remained the same for her party, but no animals were involved.  Instead, she opted for Mary Grace's Sweet Shop.  Since I did not have a gumball machine cookie cutter, I pieced these cookies together using a circle and a tombstone from my Halloween collection.  That cutter is turning out to be quite versatile, I've also used it to make a bird cage.

Mary Grace loves to cook so Grandma Rita made her a chef's hat and apron for her birthday.  Perhaps she will join me in cookie decorating in the future.  Happy Birthday to a very, special girl.

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