Thursday, July 24, 2014

Girl Power

Great-niece, Mary Grace, and her Mom always plan creative birthday parties.  We celebrated her first birthday party with lady bug cookies, long before I started taking pictures of cookies.  Her 2nd, 3rd and 4th birthday celebrations did not include cookies, but we did have pickles!
Mary Grace's Fourth Birthday
Her fifth birthday started a cookie tradition:
5 - Turtles
6 - Pigs
7 - Gumball Machines
8 - Ice Cream Sundaes/Cones

This year, Mary Grace has embraced the pixie look and donated her long hair to Locks of Love.  She has also starting thinking about careers and has decided that she wants to be a brain surgeon, so instead of a party she wanted to do something related to science.

Mary Grace, Mom and 2 friends visited the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago and dissected a cow's eye.  I'm not sure that the word dissect was even in my vocabulary when I was 8 going on 9! 
Dissection, Lunch and Ice Cream--Happy Birthday!

For her cookie treats, she asked for a doctor. . .

 a girl brain "with a bow". . .
(I decided swirls and craters was the closest I would get to an anatomically correct brain!)


  and an eyeball.

The treat bag topper said:
Girls can do anything,
so at 9
Mary Grace  
says a career as a doctor 
will be just fine.
Happy Birthday!

Love, hugs and cookies for a very special girl!

 Haniela's tutorial for a Scary Eyeball

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