Saturday, July 28, 2012

Eagle Scout Cookies

A friend asked me if I could make some cookies for a scout.  "Of course," I said.  Suddenly I was a kid again, recalling my many years as a Girl Scout.  I loved everything about scouting--friendships, badges, camping, trips to great places in and around the Chicago area, and cookie mints!!!!  I was excited to try to transform these memories into cookies.

As I ended my walk down memory lane and refocused on the conversation, it became clear that she wanted cookies for a young man who was becoming an Eagle Scout.   I know nothing about Boy Scouts except for their membership practices that do not fit with my own philosophical views.  So, what to do? I seriously struggled with making this cookie collection.  I never thought that decorating cookies could become an ethical dilemma.

After much soul searching, I realized that I respect the hard work and dedication of the young men who choose to become Eagle Scouts.  In addition, I believe that each of these scouts must learn, grow and ultimately make their own decisions.  So, I moved forward to make the cookies and wanted to make a collection that celebrated his achievement.  Since he built a bridge as part of his Eagle Scout project, I wanted to incorporate that design in the collection.  I am not an artist, but I was happy with how the cookie turned out.  I also included a cookie based on the design of the Eagle Scout medal and "message" cookies from the Boy Scout laws.  Trustworthy is probably the longest word I have tried to pipe on a cookie.

Upon completion of this collection, I realized that I will continue to hope that someday all boys will have the opportunity to be a Boy Scout if they choose to do so.  Perhaps in the future, I can include a message cookie for a future scout with the word "tolerance."

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  1. Your cookies are a great tribute to this young man's effort, regardless of the organization's beliefs.


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