Friday, October 12, 2012

Kaley's Senior Night

Kaley just celebrated her 17th birthday, is a senior in high school, a cheerleader, a softball player, a coach for Special Olympics, a member of the National Honor Society and the oldest of my great nieces and nephews.  Can you tell that I am just a bit proud to be her great-Aunt?

Tonight is Senior Night with special recognition for the senior members of the football team, cheerleaders,  marching band,  and pom-pon squad.  It's going to be chilly out there, but I will be watching, cheering and probably shedding a few tears thinking about how fast she has grown up.
One of my favorite things about baking cookies is the opportunity to create designs to celebrate the special events in the lives of my family and friends.  I always try to think of something new that will surprise the kids in the family on their special days.

The stick figure cheerleaders were free hand and I think they will make Kaley smile her very special smile.   

For years I have admired the stadium cookies that I have seen on line, so this was a great opportunity to make my version of the design.

Love and cheers to a very special girl!
Kaley with Mom and Dad

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  1. Forget the game! Kaley will be cheering and doing cartwheels over her cookies. The stick figures are so cute and so personal. What's not to love? Such a pretty and accomplished girl receiving such a sweet gift from her very special great aunt!


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