Sunday, September 23, 2012

A New Season

It's the first full day of fall and the Chicago temperature of 50 degrees definitely suggests that the seasons are changing.  I have a love-hate relationship with fall.  Love the crispness in the air, football (GO BEARS), and the beautiful colors.  Hate the shorter days and the snow that is sure to follow.

In my cookie world, fall is my favorite season, there are no mistakes on pumpkins and leaves.  I haven't started baking fall cookies yet, but decided to put a few pictures together of fall cookies from the past.

I tried to use nature for
inspiration in this collection.

Quilt Cookie Inspired by Cookie Crazie

 For my Mom's 80th birthday in 2010, we had a quilt made that included the name of every family member.  I contacted Pam (Cookie Crazie) and she graciously gave me permission to use her unique quilting style on cookies that were part of the collection I made as a thank you gift for the woman who made the quilt.   If you are not familiar with Pam's work you can view all of her beautiful designs on her blog:

Inspired by SweetSugarBelle

This Scarecrow collection was created using the tutorial that Sweet Sugar Belle posted on her blog.  My Brother-in-Law said they looked like snowmen dressed up as Scarecrows for Halloween!  Don't you just love the honest, constructive criticism from family members?  Lesson learned, next time make the face a little darker.

I can't imagine there are any cookie decorators that are unfamiliar with Calleye's work, but just in case, you can check out her step-by-step instructions for the scarecrows here.

Thanks to SSB's creativity and willingness to share her decorating tips,  I have become a better cookie decorator.  

I have some new designs that I plan to make this fall, so I'm looking forward to decorating cookies in the weeks ahead.

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  1. For someone who resisted putting together a blog for quite some time, you sure have great posts! I enjoy seeing your previous Fall cookies and am anxious to see what you are dreaming up for 2012.


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