Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Goofy Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving cookies in the past have been traditional turkeys, mini turkeys, flower turkeys, football turkeys.  .  . this year, I opted for a gang of goofy turkeys.  Eight  different designs and not a turkey cutter in sight.

Design inspiration came from SweetSugarBelle  to use an ice cream cone cutter to create a turkey.

I then followed The Bearfoot Baker's directions to use an acorn cookie cutter for another funny turkey design.

Once I made these designs, I decided that "goofy"turkeys would be my theme for the family cookies this year.

For the teen girls, a glam turkey with a tag that said "girls just want to have fun."

Since my niece, Kendall, was recently named as an all-area athlete, I decided to make her a volleyball turkey complete with bling on the feathers and toes.
It is interesting how the same cutter can be used to create different designs.
A pineapple cutter was used for the cookie for the older boys.  The cookies are not exactly how I had  envisioned them, but they will work with a tag that says, "a goofy turkey for a goofy guy."

 For the younger children,  I made turkey puzzles inspired by, MunchkinMunchies.
A Christmas ornament and a small ice cream sundae cutter (see group photo at the top), completed the collection.

Gobble, gobble, gobble!

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Thanksgiving, 2012

My 15 Minutes (or Seconds?) of Fame

Did you ever have one of those moments where you second guess yourself and think, "no, that can't be right?"  That happened to me recently when I opened an email and realized that the cookies pictured in the ad were mine.

My 2011 family Christmas cookie collection was staring back at me as I read the ad.  A compliment of sorts, but disappointing that the company did not ask for permission or cite there source.

A good learning experience as to how easy it is to access and share information that is available in cyberspace.

An interesting experience in this cookie journey of mine. . .

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Revisiting an Old Friend-the Grenadier

The first time I made  "Gren" cookies I spent a lot of time planning and worrying about that big black mustache, so it was fun to have an opportunity to make this design again.  Note to self:  if there is a next time, the hat needs to be bigger!

Congratulations to Stephanie, a talented, hard working teacher who recently received the "Outstanding Contributions to Education" Award in her district.

Other Grenadier cookies:
An Unusual Mascot 
August 5, 2013 

Veterans Day

Elk Grove High School is hosting a "Salute to Veterans" today and they asked me to make cookies for the event.

Happy Veterans Day 
thank you 
to all who have served!

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