Monday, August 5, 2013

The Grenadier--An Unusual School Mascot

 The Grenadier, a brave, French soldier, is the mascot of the high school where I worked for 25 years.  Yes, there are Elks in the village, but the animal is the mascot of Grove Junior High which  opened prior to the high school.  As a result, an unusual mascot for the secondary school.

Three years ago when I retired from Elk Grove High School, I packaged dozens of cookies as farewell gifts to my co-workers.  My first design idea was to make the school mascot, however, it was a busy time so I opted for an easier design.

This summer I finally had the opportunity to create the Grenadier in cookie form. I have given them to:

-a former colleague who retired,

-a former colleague who recently became the Principal of the school,


-some children that will be new students at the school.

Turns out this guy really wasn't that hard to make once I realized what cutter to use--candy corn did the trick!

To see another version of the Gren check out my cookie friend and former colleague, Donna's photos.  She made her version of the Grenadier for her class reunion and she is a very creative photographer.

Go Grens!

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