Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Special Thoughts at a Difficult Time

Some people wonder why I spend hours making cookies when I could do so many other things with my time.  I can not explain it any better than this blog post written by a dear friend in response to a package that I sent to her last summer:

Cookies cannot cure cancer, but that package from Diane reminded me why we make cookies.  Those cute little shapes, the cheerful colors, the soft bite into the cookie, and the dissolving of icing let me escape from life-changing challenges and remember the peace and joy which has blessed our lives. 

If my time and effort brought a little comfort to Donna last summer, I am hoping that this collection will do the same for another family facing the serious illnss of a loved one.


  1. These cookies are as beautiful as the person you are! Sweet gestures like your gift of cookies will soften the struggle and provide a brief escape . . . at least they did for me!

    I will always remember your kindness.

    1. Donna, Our cookie decorating has become such a collaborative effort that I rarely make any cookies without thinking about you and that was especially true this week.


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