Sunday, June 19, 2016

Do the Math, Elliot is Six

Since the age of one, Elliot has celebrated his birthday with character cookies. . .

. . .but not this year! 

Elliot decided that he wanted number cookies for his 6th birthday because it would be "fun to do math problems while we eat the cookies."   Math fun?????  I am not sure I am related to this awesome guy!  

Now that Elliot is old enough to help plan his party, he has made it clear that a party "theme" is not important to him.  This year he chose the trampolines and party room at Ski High Sports with decorations of all kinds.  The adults called it a "Party City" theme because if the store sold it, it was part of the decor:  Angry Birds, Animals, Sports, Numbers, Action Heroes and Buzz Lightyear.  While eating lunch, this comment made it clear that Elliot is a kid that knows what he wants:

A friend:  "Elliot, what is the theme of your party?"

Elliot:       "Mix and match."

Character cookies, math problems, dinosaurs, books, music, sports . . . at the age of six, Elliot is a cute, little guy with many interests!

Love, hugs, and cookies for my 
little buddy! 

Now that he is six, Elliot decided it was time to lose the curls!  Different look, same great guy!

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Time To Retire

Congratulations to my former colleague as they leave their careers in education.

For Ralph, the dog lover. . .

For Maria, a librarian . . .

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Celebrating Graduation with Friends

A football theme for Jack .  .  .

Traditional diplomas, caps and tassels for Mya .  .  .

A Grenadier and a U of I t-shirt peeking through the green and gold for Andrea .  .  .

Creative use of cutters:  Upside down Snowman for the football player.  Flower for the mini diploma.
Football player tutorial:
Mini diploma:
Standing Graduate:
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