Thursday, June 18, 2015

Awesome Elliot is Five

Great-Grandpa, "Papa O," always says Elliot is AWESOME.  Papa O thinks everything he says or does is "awesome," because of the challenges he faced as a preemie.  Fortunately, this tiny preemie is now an active, engaging, five year old.

Cookies have been a part of  Elliot's birthday celebration since he turned one. . . Cookie Monster, Buzz, Diego, Lightening McQueen and now Spiderman.

Every year I think that Elliot is going to ask for Chicago Blackhawks cookies because he is a "super" fan.  By the age of 3 he was skating, falling asleep while singing Chelsea Dagger, and wearing his very own jersey.  Perhaps the Hawks are too special to be reduced to cookie form??????

Now that Elliot is old enough to have input into party planning, we have discovered that he doesn't seem to see the need for a party "theme." Last year he asked for a Spiderman cake and Lightening McQueen cookies, this year the combination is Spiderman cookies and an NFL cake.

I think the birthday boy will be happy with his cake, cookies AND the gift of another Stanley Cup Championship the same week as his birthday.  Three championships in his five years--who knows how many more he will be able to celebrate in the future!!!

 Love, Hugs, Cookies,
a Stanley Cup Championship,
for a very special boy!

Hawks win, Hawks win, Hawks win!!!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Good-bye Mustangs, Hello Tigers

Congratulations to my great-niece, Megan, who recently graduated from Chicago's Northside Prep High School.

During her 4 years of high school,  Megan embraced all that a large, urban, multicultural, high school had to offer.  Megan worked hard and played hard, earning numerous awards for her efforts.

Megan's love of Latin led to a state championship with her Certamen team, and spring break trips to Italy and Greece.

From the time Megan was a little girl, she has talked about being a veterinarian, so as she leaves a large, Chicago, high school behind, to embrace the learning environment of a small, southern, rural university .  .  . I knew that I had to make her cookies that represent the mascots of the schools.

Good-bye Northside Prep Mustangs, 
Hello Sewanee-University of the South Tigers!

Love, Hugs and Cookies to a very, special girl!


Horse Cookie Tutorial--SweetSugarBelle
Tiger Cookie Tutorial--100 Animals Book by Lisa Snyder, The Bearfoot Baker

Monday, June 8, 2015

Bee . . . Well

Fortunately, after a broken wrist and four months of therapy, I will be able to say good-bye to my therapists today.

This whimsical cookie collection is a gift to show my gratitude for their patience, guidance and support.  In February, I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to write with my left hand again, but an outstanding team of therapists have helped me to return to my normal routine which includes decorating cookies.

I first made these cute little bees for my co-workers when I retired in 2010.  My decorating skills have definitely improved since then!

In an effort to conquer my fear of my airbrush, I am trying to use it for a few cookies here and there.  I thought polka-dots would be a nice addition to this collection.

Flower cookies are always a challenge for me, so I am constantly looking for new design inspiration.  This collection is based on a beautiful design by the amazing Jill FCS.  My petals were a bit wonky, but they made me smile.

Unfortunately, as my therapy comes to an end, a friend is now facing rest and rehab for a broken ankle.  I made some extra cookies and a different bee hive to take to Denise when I visit her this week.   Maybe the cute little bees will make her smile.

As I finished this collection I decided to add a few of the cute little lady bug RI transfers that my "Sugar Sister," Donna, recently made and shared with me.  After all, lady bugs are supposed to bring good luck  .  .  .  Let's hope for an injury free second half of the year.

Special thanks to:

- Aileen Master who graciously gave me permission to use her design when I made them back in 2010.
-Tutorial for the roses can be found on SweetSugarbelle's blog.
-Jill FCS

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