Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

The Grinch hated Christmas! The whole Christmas season!
Now, please don't ask why. No one quite knows the reason.

I've been feeling like the Grinch this season, so I made him into a cookie just for me.

This year the shopping, planning, decorating, and chasing, just seemed to take away from the true meaning of Christmas rather than helping me celebrate the season.  Fortunately, taking the time to decorate cookies for family and friends allowed me to think about the special people who I have in my life, they are the true gifts of this magical season.

The 2015 holiday collection included:

Pink for Payton's first Christmas, with Angel Grandma Kathy, peeking in.

More pastels for various friends .  .  .  I like the new Snowman family and deer ornaments that joined my ever growing cutter collection this year!

Same designs, different colors for the family.

Peace Doves for the Women's Club party.  I always love the elegance of white cookies.

The truck with trees was inspired by my brother-in law, Bill, who has always chopped down the tree for his family and is now growing his own trees in Wisconsin. 

Tree designs dominated the cookie platter for Christmas Day.

With a few snow people and some minis to complete the collection.

Personalized letters to Santa for the younger generation (ages 5-20). . .

.  .  . and a grown up Christmas wish inspired by the song.

Finally, in memory of my Dad, Kathy, Grace and Jim .  .  .  forever in our hearts and in the stars.

Welcome Christmas. Bring your cheer,
Cheer to all Whos, far and near.

Christmas Day is in our grasp
So long as we have hands to grasp.

Christmas Day will always be
Just as long as we have we. 

                        . .  . thanks Mr. Grinch and Dr. Seuss

-Carolers-Flour Box Bakery 
-Large Truck with Christmas Tree -Arty McGoo via Google image search.  No link found.
-Letter to Santa was shared on LilaLoa's FB page. . Permission was granted by the designer to reproduce the design.
-Santa-Flour Box Bakery

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Santa Man

Let's talk about the man. . . Santa Man.
Christmas would not be Christmas 
without a new Santa cookie design.

Over the years, I have made traditional designs, whimsical designs, Santa faces, standing Santas, heart shaped Santas, pastel Santas, faceless Santas .  .  .
  .  .  . , upside down Santa, triangle Santas, Santa trees, Santa bellies, vintage Santas, and even a vacationing Santa.    

The 2015 version of Santa was made by re-purposing a penguin cookie cutter,  thanks to Flour Box Bakery's tutorial.

Same design different look.

For a cookie decorator, one of the greatest gifts of the season are all the talented bloggers who are willing to share their creativity. 
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