Friday, December 16, 2016

O'er The Fields We Go

Cookies to send to friends in Iowa and Ohio are baked, decorated, packaged, and in the mail.

The Ho-Ho-Ho cutter is new this year.  I have made them before by piecing two cutters together, but this year I purchased a cutter designed by Mike at SemiSweetDesigns.  I was unable to manage the crisp clear lines that Mike had and my elf looks a bit tipsy, but I keep telling myself,  "it's just a cookie."

I had no intention of repeating the cars and trucks that I made last year for my family because it is time consuming to piece together the car and tree from two cutters.  However, when I found this tin and card with the same theme, I thought they would be a fun package to send to friends.

In addition, an internet search helped me find some inspiration for more realistic looking trees.

Finally, I had to purchase the new cutters designed by my favorite cookie mentor, SweetSugarBelle.  That reindeer just makes me smile.

To friends near and far,
love, hugs, cookies,
a very Merry Christmas!

Bakeat350-truck with tree
Haniela's reindeer design

1 comment:

  1. Your designs are NEVER "Just a Cookie." This set is beyond fabulous, my friend! (And the photo is such phun!)


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