Sunday, January 27, 2013

It's Leann's 5th Birthday

Big sister, Mary Grace, always plans elaborate in home parties for her birthday, but when Mom asked Leann what she wanted to do for her special day, she replied, "can't we go to Chuck E. Cheese's like everyone else?"  This was my first trip to the mad, Mouse House and it reminded me of a Las Vegas Casino for kids--loud, crowded and non-stop fun.

Leann loves puzzles and she asked me to make Snowman puzzle cookies for her party favors.  I modified a design I made last year that was based on instructions I found on The Decorated Cookie blogspot.  Thanks to my dear friend, Donna,, for help with creating the poem for the cookie tags:


Although I do not usually bake many cakes or cupcakes, I agreed to make the cake for the party this year.  It was not difficult, but I will not be a convert to cake or cupcake baking, cookies are my passion.

The Snowman noses from The Partiologist were also a nice addition to the party treats.

Love and hugs to a very, special great niece.
Fun with friends and family!

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