Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Happy Anniversary

 Today's my anniversary!

When it comes to cookies, my husband is my quality control person.  He eats the rejects, gives me honest feedback when I try new recipes and tells me what's good and bad about my decorating.  Even though he gets plenty of cookies through this process, I realized that I have NEVER made cookies just for him.  We don't have children, so no Father's Day cookies, Valentine's Day we're usually still counting calories from the overeating during the Christmas holidays. . . so for our anniversary this year I decided it was time I made some cookies just for him.

I chose to do beach themed cookies because we got married on a beautiful beach in Maui.  The little crab cookies are an inside joke because these cute little critters were the only guests at the wedding!  Every time we have the opportunity to go back to Hawaii, we visit the beach where we had our wedding and the little crabs come out to bite Matt's ankles.

It is difficult to know who originated this design because it has been a very popular cookie this year, but I was inspired to create the beach cookies from the beautiful photos that I saw posted on Facebook by:


Marlyn of Montreal Confections also has a great tutorial for the beach cookie:


  1. Happy Anniversary! Happy cookies! The cookie with brush embroidery waves and a sand sugar beach is just gorgeous, but I also enjoy the chuckle that your little crab brings to the collection.

    1. The beach cookie was really easy to do and I really think it is pretty, but I do like the cute little crab! Your good wishes mean so much, love you girlfriend!

  2. Hello there! I am just beginning in the world of cookie decorating (as a hobby), and I am planning a beach-themed set for our upcoming vacation. I would love to attempt this cookie, so I watched the youtube video you linked. Your beach foam looks more "foamy" than the video. I think it is mostly because she used more zig-zag motion with the white piping icing, but did you use a wet or dry brush? Thanks for your help!

  3. Hi Emma,
    Welcome to the cookie world! It can be great fun but also stressful if you don't keep reminding yourself that "it's just a cookie." I guarantee you that every time I made this cookie design it turned out a bit different, but I think they all looked nice. I used a #3 tip to put a little squiggly line, then used a brush that was damp but NOT wet. I dip it in water and then dry it off on a paper towel. I like my brush just slightly wet. Here is a picture of other cookies that I made with this technique, so you can see that it looked slightly different every time I did it. In the cookie blog world, Sweet Ambs and AliBee are probably considered the experts on brush embroidery, but Glorious Treats posted a project using the technique this week. Good luck, I'd love to see your cookies when finished, so if you have time, please come back and post a link to your photo.

    1. Thank you so much for all of the advice! I have done a set of Easter cookies with a friend, but it was just for fun and not trying to make them look "perfect." I'd like to continue to make them to better my piping skills. I will try to remember to link back with a photo (unless they turn into a disaster- haha). Thanks again!


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