Monday, June 8, 2015

Bee . . . Well

Fortunately, after a broken wrist and four months of therapy, I will be able to say good-bye to my therapists today.

This whimsical cookie collection is a gift to show my gratitude for their patience, guidance and support.  In February, I wasn't sure if I would ever be able to write with my left hand again, but an outstanding team of therapists have helped me to return to my normal routine which includes decorating cookies.

I first made these cute little bees for my co-workers when I retired in 2010.  My decorating skills have definitely improved since then!

In an effort to conquer my fear of my airbrush, I am trying to use it for a few cookies here and there.  I thought polka-dots would be a nice addition to this collection.

Flower cookies are always a challenge for me, so I am constantly looking for new design inspiration.  This collection is based on a beautiful design by the amazing Jill FCS.  My petals were a bit wonky, but they made me smile.

Unfortunately, as my therapy comes to an end, a friend is now facing rest and rehab for a broken ankle.  I made some extra cookies and a different bee hive to take to Denise when I visit her this week.   Maybe the cute little bees will make her smile.

As I finished this collection I decided to add a few of the cute little lady bug RI transfers that my "Sugar Sister," Donna, recently made and shared with me.  After all, lady bugs are supposed to bring good luck  .  .  .  Let's hope for an injury free second half of the year.

Special thanks to:

- Aileen Master who graciously gave me permission to use her design when I made them back in 2010.
-Tutorial for the roses can be found on SweetSugarbelle's blog.
-Jill FCS

1 comment:

  1. They are a beautiful collection only surpassed by the beautiful sentiments behind them. I admire how you always stretch beyond your comfort zone in the cookie world.


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