Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Sometimes Simple Says It Best

Donna, my friend and former co-worker, started decorating sugar cookies in 2009 and became my first "cookie friend."  She staged great photos of her cookies and introduced me to the networking of cookie decorators via FLICKR and Facebook. Recently, Donna has been on a sabbatical from the cookie world.  She is enjoying golf more and time in the kitchen less.  I suspect as the weather grows colder she will return to baking for her family and friends, but until then I'm sending some cookies to my "cookie friend." 

During the last year simple star cookies took on a special meaning for us, but sometimes simple says it best.  So, simple but SPECIAL stars and hearts for a very special friend.



1 comment:

  1. There is really nothing simple about these cookies. The song lyrics that accompanied them were the perfect reflection of all the emotions stirring with the approaching one-year anniversary of Gregg's passing.

    You have been my rock, my pillar, my cushion. There couldn't be a more beautiful collection of cookies or a more beautiful friend. You once again have touched my heart, Sweet Cookie Friend. Thank you.



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