Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Goofy Turkeys for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving cookies in the past have been traditional turkeys, mini turkeys, flower turkeys, football turkeys.  .  . this year, I opted for a gang of goofy turkeys.  Eight  different designs and not a turkey cutter in sight.

Design inspiration came from SweetSugarBelle  to use an ice cream cone cutter to create a turkey.

I then followed The Bearfoot Baker's directions to use an acorn cookie cutter for another funny turkey design.

Once I made these designs, I decided that "goofy"turkeys would be my theme for the family cookies this year.

For the teen girls, a glam turkey with a tag that said "girls just want to have fun."

Since my niece, Kendall, was recently named as an all-area athlete, I decided to make her a volleyball turkey complete with bling on the feathers and toes.
It is interesting how the same cutter can be used to create different designs.
A pineapple cutter was used for the cookie for the older boys.  The cookies are not exactly how I had  envisioned them, but they will work with a tag that says, "a goofy turkey for a goofy guy."

 For the younger children,  I made turkey puzzles inspired by, MunchkinMunchies.
A Christmas ornament and a small ice cream sundae cutter (see group photo at the top), completed the collection.

Gobble, gobble, gobble!

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  1. Totally terrific turkeys. You continue to amaze me at how much you personalize. The family will be gobbling with smiles on their faces.


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