Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mary Grace is Eight


Turtles for 5, Pigs for 6, Gumball Machines for 7. . . this year Mary Grace is celebrating her 8th birthday with an Ice Cream theme. ( Photos of prior birthday parties)

My niece, Jody, is the Coordinator of her block party, so she invited a few of Mary Grace's friends to attend the block party for a birthday celebration.  Neighbors, friends and relatives of all ages have fun at this annual event.

Mary Grace turned a bicycle into an ice cream cart, Grandma made her a special hat, and Mary Grace passed out ice cream treats to all the children at the end of the bike parade.  

The fun continued with a dunk tank and lots of other fun activities on a beautiful, summer day.

Happy Birthday to a very special girl!


  1. Diane, not only are the cookies beautiful, but your photo is gorgeous as well! It looks like an exceptional party! I think many would like to hire Jody as a party coordinator. Her creative juices just keep flowing year after year. Best birthday wishes to MG . . . How did she get to be 8 already while we stay so young?

  2. Joan wrote: "Very cool presentation for a photo! I know they taste as good as they look...maybe better than ice cream!"


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