Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Whooooo Knew?

 Last September a friend asked me to make owls for a baby shower.  Who knew that the next time a friend wanted cookies for a baby shower that it would be a second request for owls AND trees!  I decided that I would change up the owl design and try to give their feathers a textured appearance.  Once again, I used a large tulip cutter and shortened the outer points of the flower for the owls ears.  

I made RI transfers for the eyes with off white edible pearls. For some reason the white pearls absorbed the brown icing and took on a marbled look, but I think they look just fine on the finished cookie. 
Laurie (Cookie Bliss) graciously gave me permission to use her designs as inspiration for my trees.  Since I did not have a tree cutter, I used a flower cutter for the tree top and a template to cut the trunk.

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