Sunday, June 23, 2013

Elliot's Amazing Adventure

The first time I made cookies for baby Elliot he was in the NICU at the hospital.  He arrived 3 months early, long before the planned date for his baby shower. 

Since then I have moved out of my cookie comfort zone to make character cookies for the amazing theme parties his Mom has planned for him. Creating stencils has been useful for these designs.

 The theme for Elliot's 3rd birthday party was a "Jungle Adventure."  It seems that Elliot's life has been an amazing adventure. . . arriving 3 months premature, living in the NICU for 2 months and growing into a healthy, happy toddler.

From the time he was very, very little he has enjoyed spending time with family. . .

 wearing costumes
. . .

reading books, playing various musical instruments and traveling . . .

His latest passion is hockey!  I've even heard him singing himself to sleep with "Chelsea Dagger," the song that is played after the Chicago Blackhawks score a goal.  
Uncle Billy's gift of a personalized jersey was a big hit. 

Although horses were not part of the planned "Jungle Adventure" birthday party, a neighbor who is a Chicago Mounted Police Officer, kindly
offered to bring the horse over for the kids to pet.  At first Elliot was afraid to get close to the horse, but cousin John convinced him to pet the animal.

It has been a blessing to watch my great-nephew grow into a healthy, happy little boy.

Love and Hugs
my little buddy!

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  1. It has been an amazing journey, as are the Diego cookies for his birthday celebration. He is one handsome little man in that jersey. Go Hawks!


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