Sunday, January 26, 2014

Leann is Six

Thanks, as always, to my wonderful friend, Donna, for the creative writing

 It's always interesting to see what cookie designs the little ones will request for their birthdays.  This year, Leann (LeLe), asked if I would make mice cookies.  We had a special day together last spring when I was a guest in her preschool class and we brought mice cookies for all of her friends.

LeLe has been a HUGE fan of puzzles ever since she was a toddler, so she requested mouse puzzle cookies for her party.  Since I made snowman puzzle cookies for her birthday last year, I detect a birthday "tradition" might be developing.

Sure hope this cute little cat is
happy with her birthday treats.

Love, hugs 
and cookies
for your 
special day!

Puzzle Cookies Past and Present


  1. Love the photo! He really IS a cute little mouse with that curly tail and soft heart in the background! Hats off to Matt, as well, for editing my writing :-)

    1. I was much more pleased with my cute little critter, than I was with Matt's creative writing! However, your comment gave him a good laugh.

  2. Thanks Michelle for your kind words. For some reason, your comment appeared in my email, but not on the blog.

    Michelle @
    For real Diane, these are sooooo cute! The tail is adorable and the puzzle element is so well done. You delivered big time for Lele's birthday request!


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