Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter 2014

When I purchased this set of cutters, I thought I would KISS (keep it simple .  .  .) for Easter and make it a "Peep Year."  However, as I continued to shop I kept finding cute new cutters to add to my collection, bloggers kept posting creative ideas, I found cookie inspiration everywhere.  .  .  so much for KISS.

This year's collection includes some annual family favorites and some new designs.

This new "Chubby" Bunny cutter turned into several different looks as a result of inspiration found in a variety of places:

  • Bunny with egg was inspired by a little bunny I have had for years
  • "Peter Rabbit" and friend are based on Montreal Confection's tutorial
  • Bunny with carrot was inspired by a decoration I saw at a local store

 The "Floppy-Ear" Bunny cutter has been in my collection for years, but I have never used it.  I was not happy with my first design (left), but the second one (right) made me smile :)

This common cutter is another one that I have had for years and never used until I saw this cute rabbit design posted by Haniela.  Michelle at MakeMeCakeMe also posted a very creative tutorial using this cutter.

I first made the bunny with carrot ears as part of a thank you gift and I thought the design was so cute that I used a smaller cutter for the cookies in my family Easter collection.  I also used this cutter to make the lamb cookie by chopping off the ears and turning the cutter upside down.

The lamb looks a bit like a puppy, but I think it is pretty cute compared to one that I saw in a popular store for $7.95 each.

Cookies on the left were on sale at a popular kitchen/home decor store

 Last but not least, can there ever be too many carrots in my collection?  The kids always joke that they can have another cookie because they are "supposed to eat their vegetables."
The two on the right and the "mini" are my favorites

I have accumulated a number of carrot cutters over the years.  Some are too fat, some are too thin.  This year I think I finally have found some favorites!

Visit SweetSugarBelle for an easy tutorial on Polka-Dot carrots.

Carrots in all shapes and sizes


  1. Some bunny loves this collection . . . Me and surely all your family! You failed at KISS, but what fun to see your interpretation of various inspirations! Your bunnies were what sparked my interest in the cookie world years ago, and they continue to warm my heart and spark a smile.

  2. Saw these on Cookie Connection. I love Easter cookies - so much fun! :)

  3. The Easter Cookies were absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
    ♡ the mckevetts

    1. I think you and Meg, might be continuing the baking tradition that Grandma O started!


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