Sunday, June 22, 2014

Elliot's 4th Birthday

While creating Lightening McQueen cookies for great-nephew Elliot's 4th birthday, I kept hearing Bette Midler singing, "You Got to Have Friends," because the designs for these cookies were totally inspired by my "cookie friends."

Last summer, I used LilaLoa's tutorial to create vintage car cookies for anniversaries and a wedding rehearsal.  Then, Donna, my "Sugar Sister," used Lila's tutorial to create Lightening for her grandson's 3rd birthday.

Thus, when Elliot asked for this design for his birthday, I did not have to do any brainstorming to create this set.  This is the fourth year in a row that character cookies have been requested for his birthday, and I am no longer intimidated by the idea!

After a week of multiple birthday celebrations, Elliot's Mom posted this comment on his CarePage:

Chuck E Cheese parties, barbecues, bowling, and ice cream cake are just some of the festivities this lucky boy gets in his honor. And a lucky boy he is. We looked at his Care Page pictures on his birthday eve. He looked right past the IVs , CPAPs, and jaundice and recognized the faces of the people who came to see him in the hospital and continue to be there for him today. The IVs, CPAPs, jaundice and then some were not lost on me. Our boy is so blessed to have made it through all of that to become the kid he is today.

Elliot with Mom

Elliot(r) with cousin, MaryGrace, and Great-Uncle Matt
Happy Birthday to 
my little buddy!

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