Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Celebrating a Silver Anniversary

My niece, Kelly, and her husband, Bucket (aka-- Scott), are celebrating their Silver Anniversary.  Since my family is big on "traditions"--Lamb Cakes at Easter, Grab Bags at Christmas, Cheesy Potatoes, Cheesecake. . . I have decided to make the vintage car cookie my "traditional" anniversary cookie.

In addition,  I hand cut Stargazer Lilly cookies, to represent the beautiful floral bouquets that Kelly's Mom made for the wedding party.

When I made the surprise cookie delivery, Kelly told me that the car reminded her of the figurine that she had on top of her cake.  Ooops--I had completely forgotten about it.  Big dresses and Precious Moments, so much a part of that era.

Love, Hugs and Cookies to a very special couple.


Lily Cookies 

1 comment:

  1. You are not only Cookie Friend, but Cookie Aunt, Cookie Great Aunt, Cookie Sister . . . your cookie creations are so personal and always tug the hearts of all around you! The lily cookies are beyond spectacular, and those wedding cars always make me smile. Standing ovation, my friend!


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