Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy 45th Anniversary

 Forty-five years ago today, my wonderful sister, Rita, married her high school sweetheart.  At a young age they endured the challenge of separation due to Bill's tour of duty in Vietnam, but love letters kept them connected and they married shortly after Bill's return.

It was a beautiful, sunny, day and the scent of Crabapple trees filled the air as Rita and her wedding party walked the short distance to the church. 

As I packaged the cookies, a leaf fell off the daisy on the wedding cake and it made me think of  the days when little girls sat and picked the petals off the daisies and recited, "he loves, me he loves me not."  

No doubt in this relationship, she loves and he loves.  From sweethearts .  .  . to parents.  .  . to grandparents.  .  . love endures.

 Love, hugs, and cookies  
on your special day!


Tutorial for the vintage car cookie can be found at

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