Sunday, March 10, 2013

Cookie Classes

Diane R., Diane (Cookie Friend), Kathy, Joan)

Last week I had the opportunity to get together with some friends who wanted to learn how to decorate sugar cookies.  I baked some cookies, decorated a few as samples and prepared a few that they could use to practice piping.  All of these women cook and bake far more than I do, so it was a fun afternoon of sharing.  We all went home with new recipes and new ideas.  In addition, Joan borrowed my onesie cutter to make cookies for a baby shower.  I'm looking forward to seeing her creations.

We may be retired teachers, but we still have a passion for learning!

I used a few basic spring cutters in an effort to show them how you can change the look of a cookie by using different colors, techniques and sugar add-ons.   I had fun using LilaLoa's tutorial to make the rainbow shamrock.  Their favorites were the Fuzzy Bunny and the Gingham technique from Glorious Treats.

In addition to teaching my friends the basics of decorating sugar cookies, I also had the opportunity to take a class this week on making Springerle and Frankfurter Brenten cookies at House on the Hill.

The credit (blame?) for my new interest in cookies molds is the result of a photo posted on Flickr by Parr's Pantry.  I started reading about cookie molds on the Internet and heard as many negative comments as I did positive regarding the flavor.  When I discovered that House on the Hill was located just a few miles from my house, I decided to enroll in a class.

There is definitely a learning curve to mastering these cookies, but I'm going to keep working on it.  Connie, the owner of House on the Hill, has a "how to" video on her website, but I learned so much more through her class. The first cookies that I baked are far too puffy, so I will have to keep trying.  If I can't master the cookies, I can try making paper craft from the 2 molds that I purchased.

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  1. Your "students" had quite an assortment to see all of the wonderful techniques you have developed over the years . . . and now you are adding molds!


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