Friday, March 29, 2013

Ready for the Easter Bunny

After weeks and weeks of cold weather, it is finally a beautiful, spring day in Chicago.  The cookies are baked, the lamb cakes are in the oven, out of town guests are arriving this afternoon.  .  .  I'm ready for Easter.

I made a variety of cookies for family and friends, including Glorious Treats gingham pattern and a sweet, little lamb inspired by Sweet Sugar Belle.

This year I decided to package individual cookies for the 15+ children who celebrate Easter with us.

For the older boys. . .based on a card I received  several years ago.
For the teen girls. . .an Easter parade of pastel bunnies
For the nieces and nephews who have joined the urban trend of raising chickens. . .design inspired by Klickitat Street

For the toddlers. . .another design inspiration from Klickitat Street
All dressed up for the party!

Happy Easter. . . Happy Spring!

1 comment:

  1. The bunny butt cookie is cute and will bring a chuckle from the crowd. I may need to hit the Target store for those itsy cutters. They are a nice addition to the platter. Have a wonderful Easter, my Cookie Friend.


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