Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ghoul Friends

My sister, Carol, asked if I could make a few cookies for a  co-worker's daughter who was hit by a 15 passenger van while she was jogging.  I wanted to do something fun rather than creepy!

I added a note in orange ink and a "cracked font" that said:

Sending you some “Ghoul Friends”
to keep you company as you recover. 

Little square monsters thanks to LilaLoa's tutorial.  The Count's hair was a challenge but I really like Frank.  The hat is a smaller version of the one that I did last year and it is still one of my favorite designs to make.

Carol received the following message from her colleague who was recently transferred to the building at the VA where my sister's team works:

This is to let you and your staff know how much of a smile (which I haven’t seen since before the accident) that I saw on my daughter when she received the box of cookies and how much it meant to her and her momma. She loved them.  The cookies were so cute.   You all are the GREATEST!!! I am so glad they moved us here. I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!   
Also,  I appreciate their thoughts and prayers during this crazy time and enjoy the company when they stop by my office to check on me and see how I am doing…..It makes me cry with happiness.  You have a GREAT Team!   
Thank you, Thank you, thank you!!!! 

This note is a nice reminder of why 
I spend the time making cookies!

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