Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Linda Excels

 Twenty-eight years ago, I met Linda at a luncheon for teachers who were new to the school district.  What were the chances that in a 6 high school district, I would sit next to a person who would be working at the same school and in the same division?

As Chicagoans, we car pooled to the 'burbs during our first year of employment.  We became good friends and have shared lots of laughter and a few tears over the years.

I was so excited to learn that this very, worthy teacher has been selected to receive the Award of Merit from the Illinois State Board of Education.

While baking Halloween cookies, I decided to make a few special cookies for Linda and one of my "cookie cards", a home made card illustrated with pictures of the cookies.

Linda's collection will include a few cookies in honor of, ¡Hoy es Viernes!  A tradition in Linda's Advanced Placement Spanish Class,  that evolved from a weekly greeting, to brightly colored t-shirts, to a classroom bulletin board  featuring the t-shirts being worn in locations all over the world.

Linda's card will say:
Fly Swatters, iPads and now even Twitter. . . are just a few of the items in your creative bag of TRICKS.

                                 So make no BONES about it, 
there are nothing but TREATS in store

                                   for this teacher who Excels!

Congratulations on your 
recognition from the 
Illinois State Board of Education!

A search of the web turned up many designs for skeleton and trick or treat bag cookies, but if you are interested in a step-by-step tutorial, check out:


  1. From Linda: Diane, I just have no words to express how much your thoughtfulness means to me, and how it has touched me. The cookies, the cookie card honor, your blog post ... It is just too much...And it all reminds me how I treasure the relationships with students, colleagues and friends more than any award. I am inspired by you, my friend

  2. A wonderful cookie salute to a teacher who inspires so many. Congrats to Linda on her ISBE Award of Merit.


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