Thursday, November 10, 2016

It Wasn't Meant to Be

By election day, I was prepared for a close race, but confident that Hillary Clinton was going to be elected President of the United States.  I was excited to be a witness to history as the first female candidate would be given the honor and responsibility to lead this country.  My vote for Clinton was not because she is a woman, but because she was the most qualified candidate running.

My confidence allowed me to bake cookies and prepare packages to send to the many first time  voters in our extended family. I prepared a cookie topper that took the "high road."

The topper was designed to honor: Jeannette Rankin-first woman elected to Congress; Shirley Chisholm-first African-American woman elected to Congress; Sandra Day O'Connor-first woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court; Hillary Clinton--first woman chosen as a presidential candidate of a major party; and Dr. June Sochen one of my college professors, who wrote the book, Herstory, in 1974.

Then, I decided that the bags for friends would have a humorous topper that reflected the ugliness of this election:

While watching election returns, I gladly decorated these cookies until I heard the newscaster call Florida for her opponent.  Oh noooooo!  As the hours passed and it became evident that she was not going to win,  I threw these cookies in a bag and asked my husband, "In the trash or do you want to eat them?"  I was shocked, angry, confused, and never wanted to look at these cookies, again.  Matt said he would eat them and the next day he asked if he could share some with friends, so I decided to make a new topper for the cookie bags.

So now that  I am feeling a bit less angry, I am placing my faith in our system of checks and balances, and have been reflecting on the outcome of this election and what it meant for me personally.

To all the members of the secret FB page, Pantsuit Nation, thank you for letting me a part of it.

To my 86 year-old Mom, who was thrilled to vote for Hillary, thank you for helping me get through the pain of this disappointment.

To my niece, who proudly wears her shattered glass ceiling pin, please hang on to it.

For the first time voters in the family, this first presidential election will be a memorable one.  Please continue to be engaged in the process.

Finally, for all the very young people in my family who didn't quite understand how all the bad things that were said were part of our election process, please don't lose interest in learning about our political system.

A woman in the White House in 2016 was not meant to be, but someday it WILL be!

You will have successes and setbacks, too. 
This loss hurts but please never stop
 believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. . .

. . .to all the little girls who are watching this, 
never doubt that you are valuable and powerful 
and deserving of every chance and opportunity in the world 
to pursue and achieve your own dreams. 
                                                Hillary Clinton, November 9, 2016


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