Saturday, June 17, 2017

All Sports for Elliot's 7th Birthday

Great-nephew, Elliot, requested "all sports except soccer and volleyball," for cookies to share with his friends at his birthday party.  I was surprised that soccer wasn't included because he enjoys playing the game.  I'd like to think that we have a special connection and he just KNEW that soccer and volleyballs are two of my least favorite cookies to create.  However, I think the decision was probably due to a conversation that went something like this:
Mom: "What cookies would you like for your birthday this year?"
Elliot:  "Sports."
Mom:  "What sport?"
Elliot:  "All of them."
Mom:  "Nooooo way!  That's way too many cookies."

Elliot probably smiled, pondered (he does that), and eventually eliminated two sports.

I decided that the treat bags would have seven cookies for Elliot's seventh birthday.

Mini footballs, basketballs, baseballs, and tennis balls. . .

Hockey because it is one of Elliot's favorite sports . . .

Bowling in honor of Hall of Famer, Great-Uncle Matt . . .

and golf.

 Since it is Elliot's special day, I even added a few soccer and volleyball cookies as a surprise just for him in a package that he will have at home with his family.

Happy Birthday, Elliot! On the field or on the ice, you are an all-star in our hearts!

Sports letters inspired by Cookies With Character

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