Saturday, June 3, 2017

Ahoy Mates! A Pirate Graduation It Is

Congratulations to my great-niece, Megan, who is graduating from Emmons Elementary, the home of the Raiders.  

Since our family is big on tradition, her cookie collection had to include at least one "look out ______ high school" book cookie and a diploma tied with a heat-shaped ribbon.

The Emmons school mascot, the Raider, is now making his third appearance in cookie collections for Meg's family.  My interpretation of the Raider has evolved from literal and scary.  .  .  to a whimsical treasure hunt .  .  .

 to a sweet, smiling pirate for Meg.

In addition, I added cookies to represent her school activities.

Love, hugs, and cookies to a very special girl.

Happy Graduation!

Tutorial for the girl graduate can be found on Miss Doughmestic's YouTube channel

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