Thursday, May 23, 2013

Maddie's Graduation

My great-niece, Maddie, is graduating from 8th grade this week.  Since Maddie LOVES to read, her Mom suggested a "book" theme for her cookies.

This is a book cookie that I have made for each of the nieces and nephews as they have entered high school.

 I also added Sugarbelle's, bookworm and Lilaloa's, stack of books to the set.  In addition to the traditional subjects, I added a few titles that I thought Maddie would enjoy, including:
High School Handbook
Student Success
Future Careers
Family Photos (because her Grandma Carol, takes lots of pictures)
 . . . and "How to Raise Chickens" because Maddie's family has a new hobby

I didn't want the cookies to be too "cutesy" so I added the school mascot to the set.  My royal icing version is a bit creepier than the school art work, but he adds an interesting twist to the collection.

For my cookie friends, the pirate is a Frankenstein cutter, batteries removed and a small paisley cutter added for the bandana.  A football or Easter egg cutter would probably have been a better shape for the head, but I wanted to have the ears and the earrings on the design.

Big sister Maddie, with Kyle and Meg

Enjoy a summer filled with 
family, friends, books and adventures
as you get ready to 
zip into high school in the fall.


Sending love, hugs and cookies your wayHappy Graduation to a very, special girl!


  1. This is one great cookie collection to kiss middle school goodbye and send Maddie off to high school with a sweet smile on her face!

  2. Cute cookies!! I LOVE the mascot!

    1. Georgeanne (,
      I am truly honored that you took the time to find my little blog that is read by a few close friends and family members. Thanks so much! You are an inspiration, I love reading your blog.


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