Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mary Grace's First Communion

Great-niece, Mary Grace, has spent many months planning for her First Communion.  She has studied hard, selected her dress, pierced her ears so she could wear "grown up" jewelry on the big day, and helped her Mom plan the party (we know how much MG enjoys her parties).

My beautiful niece, Jody and her daughter
Mary Grace chose a dress with a floral bodice and wore a veil that has been worn by both her Mom and big sister, Megan.

Throughout all the preparation, this sweet, little girl managed to keep a secret from everyone except her Dad! Mary Grace was asked to bring one of the gifts to the altar during the Mass and didn't tell anyone because she wanted it to be "a special surprise for Mother's Day."

 We packaged some cookies for Mary Grace's teacher with a tag that said, "Thank you for helping me grow in God's love."

After church, Mary Grace was ready to party with family and friends.  Mary Grace has a large extended family on her Dad's side of the family, 19 first cousins and counting. . .  so Jody and Mike hosted a family party for the 3 cousins who celebrated their First Communion this month.

Sisters--MaryGrace, Megan and Leann--just want to have fun!
Mary Grace with her Dad

It doesn't matter if she's all dressed up or wearing her casual clothes, Mary Grace is one special girl! Uncle Matt and I are so proud of you.

Love and Hugs!

Mary Grace, Uncle Matt and me


  1. From Jody via email:
    I am having a hard time posting a comment on the blog. Just wanted to say, simply beautiful. How blessed r we for all that u do - and u do it with such love (and talent). Thank you.

  2. From Linda via FB:
    The Ashida family is "oooh ahhhing" your cookies. They are "out-of-control" cute and we are amazed by your creative ideas. Sarah says you you start a business and you could make bank!

  3. You should be doing a happy dance over this cookie collection . . . I sure am!!! Wow . . . Gasp . . . Oooh . . . Ahhhh . . . The colors, the writing, the beautiful doves, those detailed characters right down to hands holding the rosary . . .

    Your blog and the wonderful collection of pictures capture a day that warms the heart. Congrats to MG . . . congrats to her Great Aunt (you certainly live up to that title!)


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