Saturday, May 4, 2013

Logan's 16th Birthday

  "A few of my favorite things" was the theme I chose for the cookies I made for my great-nephew's sixteenth birthday.  Musical notes, a piano, basketballs, baseballs. . .

A big thank you to Harry Potter for providing Logan with the joy of reading at a young age
and a nod to Game of Thrones, a current favorite book series.

A few math problems for the math team member.  Of course I needed a little help from my friend, Joan , a former math teacher, to create the math problems for me.

Logan is a big fan of video games and I know nothing about them!  I created a template for the designs and used my imagination for the placement of the buttons.

Since AP European History is Logan's current favorite class, I had to include something "really old."  I opted for the Roman Colosseum because he will be visiting Rome in a few weeks on a trip provided by the Make a Wish Foundation.  This cookie is proof to all of my friends that cookie decorating does not mean that I have any hidden artistic talent.  Hopefully, it will help Logan truly appreciate all the magnificent works of art that he will see during his trip.

Finally, some very special cookies that were wrapped separately for Logan to open privately.  His party invitation asked guests to write a recollection of a special memory of Logan.  I opted to write about heroes because the strength, courage and humor that Logan displayed during his battle with cancer has made him one of my special heroes.


Happy Birthday to a very special guy!

May your future be filled with good health, happiness, love, success and adventures as exciting as the ones in your books.


  1. Via email from Logan's Grandma Carol:
    I couldn't figure out how to leave a comment but I was crying by the time I finished reading and I turned to Logan who was standing behind me to say "I have tears in my eyes" to see tears in his eyes before he quickly turned away to pick up the dog. When I said, " You're crying too". He responded "I don't cry". I just said, "You are still too young to realize real men cry". Anyway, thanks so much for all your work and great writings.

  2. This is a wonderful and personal collection for your great nephew. You always take such care planning. I am happy to see a happy and healthy Logan celebrating his 16th birthday!

  3. From Joan via email:
    These are really special...great job for a great nephew! I know the value of each math expression

  4. Your write as beautifully as bake. The kids are going to love looking back and reading you blog.


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