Monday, May 20, 2013

Kaley's Graduation

 In life we need to "embrace the journey"
. . .be a five year old, enjoy being 13, don't spend the teen years wishing you were older.  We only get to live each year once, so enjoy the experience of being 6, 16, or 60.

Kaley, the first of my great-nieces/nephews graduated from high school yesterday and she seems to have a similar life philosophy.  As a retired school teacher/administrator, I am so proud of the fact that she took advantage of all that her high school offered to her, enjoyed the journey and is now ready to move on to her college experience.

Pre-prom with Dad, Mom and younger sister, Kendall.  Love how all the gals pose the same way!

Kaley's  Mom prepared numerous displays that provided guests at the party with a walk down memory lane.

The cookies that I made included the heart shaped bows filled with love that I have used on all the diploma cookies that I have made for family members.  Stars were used to represent Kaley's activities and achievements:
                                          National Honor Society
                                          7 Semester Honor Roll
Advanced Placement Courses
Fox Valley Conference All Star Academic Team
Peer mediator 
Tidal Waves travel softball
Special Recreation Association of Central Lake County-- volunteer, then an employee
 11 season athlete- during the one season she could not compete due to surgery, Kaley worked with the Special Olympics Softball team

To my dear, sweet niece--as you leave high school behind . . .
cherish the memories,  
enjoy your summer work as a camp counselor and 
look forward to your college experience in the fall!
Special thanks to my cookie friend, Donna , for design inspiration on the centerpiece cookies.

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  1. Silly Cookie Friend! You need NO inspiration! These are totally you . . . full of love and bursting with personal touches including the heart-shaped ties and the shining stars. Kudos to you and kudos to Kaley!


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